Chinese Medicine

Chinese MedicineWhat is Chinese Medicine?

Each area of the body body has a mental and emotional counterpart. In chinese medicine these are explored through the meridians, which are energy channels in the body for the flow of Chi, otherwise known as life force. Each meridian corresponds to an an organ and an element.

The 5 elements are:

  • Water (kidneys/bladder): Fearlessness, determination and courage. Out of balance it becomes anxiety, fear and may create sexual issues. Physical ailments include bladder problems, fertility problems, sexual problems and water retention.
  • Metal (lungs/large intestine): Strength, self discipline, organization and care. Out of balance this can relate to sadness, grief and criticism. Physical ailments include all breathing and lung related problems, skin problems and digestive upsets.
  • Earth (stomach/spleen ): Grounding, nurturance and compassion. Out of balance this can become excessive worrying and over thinking. Physical ailments include digestive problems, excess mucous, fatigue and heartburn.
  • Wood (liver/gallbladder): Clarity, passion, vision and focus. Out of balance it becomes anger, irritation, stagnation and indecisiveness. Physical ailments include sinus problems, period problems. migraines and digestive upsets.
  • Fire (heart/Small intestines, pericardium, triple warmer): Passion, energy and communication. Out of balance a person may feel disconnected and bland. They may feel emotionally cold or suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Physical ailments include all heart problems.

Each meridian must also have a balance of yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) energy.

Yin: feminine, passive, cold, wet and contracting.

Yang: masculine, active, hot, dry and expanding.

Excess yin can produce coldness and dampness in the body resulting in phlegmy mucous through the systems and excess yang can produce a dryness and heat in the body resulting in irritation through the systems.

What is chinese medicine used for?

Chinese medicine is a powerful way of dealing with many conditions ranging from migraines, period problems, chronic pain, osteoporosis, symptoms from chemotherapy treatments such as nausea and vomiting, withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even insomnia and depression.


Acupuncture or Acupressure

Illness is treated by balancing the pressure points along the meridians through acupressure or acupuncture. Pressure points are the points along the meridians that are sensitive and are used in chinese medicine to clear and balance these energy pathways.  In chinese medicine you would use acupressure (pressing with fingers) or acupuncture (using fine needles), to stimulate specific points throughout the body that are associated to specific meridian and imbalance. The pressure is used to bring the body back into balance.

Face Reading

Face reading is basically what it sounds like. It is an ancient technique involving looking at the nature and character of a person by reading their face. This is based on face shape and structure of a person’s face and how these signs and structures are associated to the 5 elements in the body. Practitioners of chinese medicine may choose to look at a person’s face to see the nature of the person and imbalances they may be predisposed to. Signs of imbalance can often be seen in areas on the face, the eyes and tongue being especially useful in checking the health of the organs. A chinese practitioner can use these signs to isolate what the nature of the imbalance is in the body.

Herbs and Aromatherapy

Chinese herbal medicine is also used to treat the imbalance and herbs are often used to treat symptoms as well as treat the specific element and organ in the body that is the source of the imbalance. Aromatherapy is also another way of treating imbalance, as each oil is associated to an organ and element, as well as a yin or yang nature. Applying an oil to an pressure point related to that organ can be especially powerful!

Using Chinese Medicine For Health

Chinese medicine is really an amazing way to treat illnesses and conditions but you need to make sure to do a bit of an online background check on a practitioner before choosing one and make sure you feel, safe, understood and comfortable with them.

This is one of the first forms of alternative therapy I ever experienced and the results you can experience are absolutely astounding. I learned all the techniques to help me on a general daily basis and now I use acupressure, herbal medicine and aromatherapy as second nature now in my life and I can’t imagine life without these incredible tools.

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