The Amazing Benefits of Ginger, “The Universal Medicine”

Ginger is considered to be a “wonder” herb by many different systems of alternative medicine. It is a warming herb that is used to defend the body against cold, damp conditions such as colds, respiratory problems, circulatory problems, digestive problems, nausea and vomiting as well as conditions such as arthritis. It has a warming effect on the stomach and lungs and an affinity with healing the stomach, spleen, heart, lungs, and kidneys.


Ginger is an amazing digestive aid and contains an abundance of digestive enzymes, which assists you in digestive and processing food. It is known to encourage the production of bile, stimulating digestion and it is known to tone the intestinal tract. It is commonly used to treat morning sickness, travel sickness and nausea in general. It is also known to relieve stomach cramps as well as menstrual cramps.

All is all ginger provides a lot of support to the stomach and spleen assisting with the full spectrum of digestive upsets as well as helping to treat ulcers and heartburn.

Cardiovascular Health

Ginger is known to strengthen the cardiovascular system, as well as make the platelets let sticky, which improves circulation. Studies have shown that ginger’s ability to prevent blood thickening can help to prevent clogged arteries.


Ginger is used for it’s anti-inflammatory properties to treat conditions associated to inflammation such as Arthritis and Bursitis. It’s used to treat migraines and headaches due to it’s ability to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels.

Respiratory System and Immune System

Ginger has a warming effect on the lungs and is often used to treat many respiratory conditions such as cold, coughs, sinusitis and bronchitis. It also improves and strengthens the immune system helping to prevent illness in the first place and fight it if it’s there.

Cancer Prevention

Ginger has many uses but another one worth mentioning is it’s ability to prevent the growth of colon cancer cells and studies have shown that when ginger was applied to ovarian cancer cells, they actually died.

External Uses

Applied externally, ginger helps to relieve muscle pain, the pain of arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago, sprains, and spasmodic pain in general.


You can use the dry herb in food, juices or water, ginger tea, or freshly grated ginger in food or juices to experience the amazing benefits of ginger. You can add freshly grated ginger to lemon juice and honey in warm or hot water as a drink.

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